General Assembly & Elections

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 18:30 - 20:00 , L’ESPACE, 1 Rue du 23-Août, 1205 Genève, Switzerland
  • Boris Fernandez

The General Assembly of Rotaract Genève International for the Rotary year 2022-2023 took place on Wednesday 1st of February 2023, from 6.30pm to 8pm at L'ESPACE, 1 Rue du 23-Août, 1205 Geneva. The meeting was livestreamed on Zoom.

The following members (with voting rights) attended: 

  • Elisabeth Antunes
  • Théophile Houessou 
  • Killian Mavel 
  • Eleonora Patinot 
  • Marija Kudriavceva 
  • Tomas Franceschin
  • Takhmina Nasimova (Director of Membership)
  • Lucie Archambeau 
  • Boris Fernandez (President)

The following prospects attended:

  • Lynn Al Wazzan
  • Simon Crahay 
  • Claire Colin 
  • Chloé Ciriello 


  • Ari Stojanovski (Vice-President)
  • Manuel Leon
  • Marie-Therese Bou Younes (Secretary)
  • Claire Föllings (Treasurer)

The Activity Report 2021-2022 (attached below) was adopted unanimously by the quorum.

The Financial Report 2021-2022 (attached below) was adopted unanimously by the quorum.

Minor changes to the bylaws  (attached below) were adopted unanimously by the quorum.

The Elections for the Board positions 2023-2024 were held on the same evening. The candidates were:

  • Marija Kudriavceva (President)
  • Theophile Houessou (Vice-President)
  • Claire Colin (Director of Membership)
  • Boris Fernandez (Director of Communications)
  • N/A (Treasurer, Claire Föllings ad. interim.)
  • N/A (Secretary)

The candidates were able to introduce themselves and their motivations.

Polls were organized online, anonymously, from January 25th to February 1st and ended during the General Assembly & Elections evening, at 7.30pm. 

All candidates were elected for their desired positions.

The Board of 2021-2022 was discharged of its duties.

There was no miscellaneous raised.

Marija Kudriavceva, President-Elect, introducing herself.


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