Regular meeting : introduction to Committees and Slack

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 19:00 - 20:00 , The Hamlet, Rue Etienne-Dumon 12, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

Dear fellow full and candidate members, 

We will be holding our bi-monthly meeting this Wednesday October 6th at the Hamlet at 7:00 pm. 

During this meeting, president Ari Stojanovski will announce the theme for the year 2021-2022. We will subsequently discuss and share ideas for future projects, so you are highly encouraged to attend! 

The entire agenda is as follows:

1. Introduction of the theme 

2. Introduction to slack - communication channels 

3. Introduction to committees 

4. Announcements

5. Pinning ceremony -  Welcoming 3 new members!  

This event is open to members, prospects and guests.

Meeting minutes (taken by Marie-Thérèse Bou Younes, Protocol and Coordination officer)  

  • President  Ari Stojanovski announced the theme for the year 2021-2022: ROTARACT MAKES THE LINK. It makes the link between your personal and professional life, the link between projects and those who need them and between Interact and Rotary. 
  • Slack is an application (iOS, android, PC, iMac) that will be used as an official communication channel. It will be used for voting and polls, to send important documents and formal announcements. Committees channels will also be on slack.
  • Committees and committees head work in close coordination with the president and the board. For this year, we have announced 3 committees: Club life, Rotary support and partnership and sponsorship. 
    • The club life committee is responsible for the professional development of the club, for  volunteering actions and for organizing social events. 
    • The Rotary support committee is responsible for assisting Rotary Geneve International in facilitating hybrid meetings. 
    • The partnership and sponsorship committee is responsible to identify individuals or companies that can sponsor our events and maintain a long term partnership with them 
  • Committees head work in close coordination with each other, in addition to the board. 
  • Full and candidate members can be part of one or multiple committees 
  • Full and candidate members can apply to become head of a committee. 
  • To become head of a committee, you need to send your application to the board (until 15th of October) mentioning your time availability, your motivation to become head and your previous experience if it applies. 


  • If you are interested in leading a project with Rotaract, you can fill the following form detailing your project which you will then present in front of the club to get feedback and see if there are interested individuals that will join your action. 
  • If you are interested to attend the end polio seminar held by the world federation of public health association on the October 12th: register on the following link 
  • Save the date! 6th of November 2021 Uni Rotary (more information to follow). 
  • Samedi du partage: is a food (and misc.) donation event organized twice a year. The food is then given to «Fondation Partage», who sorts and distribute the donation to more than 46 local associations. Volunteers hand «donation bags» at the entry of partnered grocery stores, and the public is invited to buy any item they want during their grocery shopping session, and hand back the bags after having paid for their content. The volunteering work is thus to incite the public to take a bag, explain the concept and retrieve the bags.  Our sponsoring club, Rotary Genève International, has been taking part in this event with two other local Rotary clubs for the previous year. The next action will take place on November 27th (Saturday) in Migros Tourelles (near Hôtel Intercontinental / Servettes).  If you would like to participate, please write directly to Younes to give him your mobile phone number, and register yourself by choosing one of the 3 time slots (~2.5h) available. Please add (RAC) at the end of your name, so Rotarians know you are a Rotaract member. Link to the Google Sheet document: 
  • Caddies pour tous: Each Friday, Rotarians join the food bank Fondation Partage (who receives donation from grocery stores) in Palexpo (near the airport). Volunteers get a shopping cart with empty bags and have to fill them with specific items present in the warehouse (all instructions are provided). This is a slighly calmer event, which makes for a great team building activity as you can freely discuss during the action. As for the first one, feel free to register using the same document and don’t forget to provide Younes your mobile phone number!  

After the announcements, RGI held a pinning ceremony where we welcomed 3 new transferring members! 

Welcome Isma Khalid, Cameron Kays and Catalina Martínez! 

[End of the meeting]

Rotary International: 7 areas of focus

RGI new member Isma khalid with president Ari Stojanovski

RGI new member Cameron Kays with president Ari Stojanovski

RGI new member Catalina Martínez with president Ari Stojanovski

The Square, a communal space for the hotel's guests. © The Hamlet

What is The Hamlet?

The Hamlet is a family-run and fully restored townhouse comprised of 16 one-of-a-kind apartments. Winner of multiple awards, this 18th-century gem offers accommodation from 1 night to 1 year for travelers seeking refinement, calm and understated luxury right in the heart of Geneva.

How to access the Hamlet?

The Hamlet is located at the heart of Geneva's old town, at Rue Etienne-Dumont 12, Geneva 1204. The closest bus stop (by distance) are Liszt (36) and Athénée (3, 5, 7). Bikers can secure their bike on Place du Bourg-de-Four. The closest parking is Saint-Antoine (50m away).

Upon entering the building, access the 1st floor via lift or stairs and turn right: you will be entering The Square, a communal space shared with the hotel's guests. Meetings will take place in The Library, a dark green teal room on the right when entering The Square (see pictures attached).


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