Memo-I & Rotary Guest Speakers

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 19:00 - 20:00 , The Hamlet, Rue Etienne-Dumont 12, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

Dear fellow members, 

This Wednesday we will be hosting three exceptional speakers. Mr. John Molloy co-founder of MEMO-I, and Ms. Vrana Pitois and Ms. Manuela Morelli from Rotary Geneve International.

Mr. Molloy will present his luxury beauty company, Memo International, which includes brands Memo Paris, Floraïku and Hermetica.

Ms. Pitois and Ms. Morelli will present their project "Au Cœur des Grottes" that aims to provide shelter and empower children and women victim of domestic violence in Geneva. 

Minutes of the meeting (taken by Marie-Thérèse Bou Younes, Protocol and Coordination officer)  

Mr. John Molloy presented his brand MEMO-International. Listed here are the main points of his presentation:

  • MEMO-I is a family-run fragrance house founded in 2007. It operates on an international scale with stores around all major distribution stores in the major cities. 
  • Under MEMO-I are 3 brands: MEMO Paris, Floraiku and Hermetica. 
  • What characterizes the brand is that it has its own DNA, each perfume tells a story, it is meant to embark you on a journey, the poetry behind the perfume is written by his wife Clara Molloy. 
  • "The olfactive memory is our best memory" says John Molloy, hence the name: MEMO as memory. Their moto is "The journey is the destination". 
  • They create fragrances based on the experience that they go through while traveling and with that they help people escape reality. 
  • Their latest brand Hermetica uses recycled glass and is made using green chemistry. 

The brand is available at Globus in Geneva. 

Finally Mr. Molloy kindly distributed samples for the present members and prospects. 

Following this presentation, Ms. Vrana Pitois and Ms. Manuela Morelli presented a Rotarian lead project: Au coeur des Grottes. 

  • Au coeur des Grottes is a shelter in Rue de l’ Industrie 14 (Garre Cornavin) for women victim of domestic violence or human trafficking, with or without children. 
  • Today the association shelters around 40 women and 35 kids. They come from different countries and different background and seek shelter for a short or long period of time depending on their situation, the help that they are getting and the abuse that they suffered. 
  • In addition to that, the association also provides mental and emotional support. 
  • Date to remember: Gala evening "Empower the women of the shelter". On the 11th of December, the women are hosting  a gala evening to celebrate life and the future. 
  • The organization is working on different pillars
    • First is prevention. Talking about the subject and being vocal about it. 
    • Second is volunteering. This is done through coaching, sharing skills and holding workshops.
    • Third is donation. Rotary Geneve International has donated to this day 3000 swiss francs and the district has donated 5000 swiss francs.  

How can you help as a Rotaractor? 

  • Help empower the children and ensure they get a better future.  The Association is raising funds and looking for a project manager. Au coeur des Grottes highly welcomes new idea and is waiting for your contribution to help craft the future! 
  • The association is looking to establish quality control processes in addition to a system to collect feedback from collaborators, the women at the shelter and other third parties. If you have the skills, the motivation and the time to help establish these, do not hesitate to get in contact with them! 
  • The language used most is French but English and Spanish speaking volunteers are also welcomed! 

Members with legal, business management and administrative experience could support in the design, implementation, preparation of questionnaires, or simply by sharing their experience and documentation from current or previous jobs. You are also encouraged to provide ideas, analyze data and run the project with the association.  

Are domestic violence and slavery big problems in Geneva?

Sadly there are 2 extremes in Geneva. There is the high quality of life here but there are a lot of people living in Geneva who cannot afford living there, and although prostitution is legalized, there are still a lot of illegal human trafficking and slavery and this is the image we do not see when we think of Geneva because it is hidden and silent. 

To join and help Au coeur des Grottes, whether for a one time event or for a prolonged time, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Vrana Pitois: and Ms. Manuela Morelli:

In addition, do not hesitate to contact any other board member for additional information. 

A few reminders:

- Do not forget to pay your monthly fees

- You are strongly encouraged to join the club life committee to be part of the team that will work on the upcoming project! 

[end of the meeting]

The Library, the regular meeting room for Rotaract in The Hamlet, situated in the old town. © The Hamlet

Clara and John Molloy, founders of Memo Paris.

John Molloy is the co-founder of luxury beauty company, Memo International, with brands Memo Paris (established in 2007), Floraïku (launched in July 2017) and Hermetica (created in 2018). He’s a sporty Irish globetrotter with a solid  background in luxury. He grew up on a farm in county Tipperary, Ireland, surrounded by racehorses and miles of countryside. He left Ireland in 1993 for London to work in fashion. From there he travelled round the world for a year before moving to Paris in 1999 for an MBA. He then held several important positions in international groups leading him to Switzerland when he decided to join Memo Paris.

Au Coeur des Grottes is a center that provides living support for women with their children. Most are facing difficult situations that may include domestic violence, exploitation in the workplace, human trafficking, housing problems or returning from abroad. 

The Square, a communal space for the hotel's guests. © The Hamlet

What is The Hamlet?

The Hamlet is a family-run and fully restored townhouse comprised of 16 one-of-a-kind apartments. Winner of multiple awards, this 18th-century gem offers accommodation from 1 night to 1 year for travelers seeking refinement, calm and understated luxury right in the heart of Geneva.

How to access the Hamlet?

The Hamlet is located at the heart of Geneva's old town, at Rue Etienne-Dumont 12, Geneva 1204. The closest bus stop (by distance) are Liszt (36) and Athénée (3, 5, 7). Bikers can secure their bike on Place du Bourg-de-Four. The closest parking is Saint-Antoine (50m away).

Upon entering the building, access the 1st floor via lift or stairs and turn right: you will be entering The Square, a communal space shared with the hotel's guests. Meetings will take place in The Library, a dark green teal room on the right when entering The Square (see pictures attached).


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